Monday, May 24, 2010

What's wrong with Gene Messick?

What in the hell is wrong with "Crazy" Gene Messick?

He seems to be under the mistaken impression that he's an NC Democrat, and that he decides who is or is not on the NCDP State Executive Committee.

Witness this pitiful exchange between the Wake Dems's "Party Princess" Joanne Casey and "Crazy" Gene Messick in his Casey: Re: [NCDP-on-Trial] 187: Cal, it's time to withdraw:

On May 23, 2010, at 9:41 PM, Casey, Joanne wrote:

> Please remove me from your email database.
> Thank you.
To which "Crazy" Gene responded:

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: NC Democrats
To: "Casey, Joanne"
Cc: US Rep David Price ; Jack #Nichols: Wake Chair ; NCDP Chair David ^Young ; Elaine Marshall ; Cunningham for Senate ; Kenneth .Lewis ; Governor Bev Perdue ; Senator Kay Hagan ; DNC Chair Tim Kaine
Sent: Sun, May 23, 2010 10:24:54 PM
Subject: Casey: Re: [NCDP-on-Trial] 187: Cal, it's time to withdraw.

Dear Joanne, Wake Co Democratic Party
State Executive Committee Member

Thanks for your Email.
We appreciate hearing from our readers!

Your exodus from any further interest in the SEC has been noted and shall be published for your convenience.

We're so sorry to see you go, but please rest assured that you are welcomed back anytime you decide you care about the future of Democrats in North Carolina.

Our Network provides the only reliable view of what's really happening inside the NC Democratic Party.

We'll still be here, cleaning up the wreckage Progressives have caused, helping create a Democratic Party folks can trust and believe in again.

NC Democrats Network

Helping make NC a better place, one Email at a time!
No Gene - she's not withdrawing from the NCDP or the SEC - she's merely withdrawing from your e-mail list. What drugs are you taking (or not taking) that has you confusing asking to be taken off your list from being taken off the NCDP SEC? Or somehow thinking that you have any say in what goes on in the NC Democratic Party?

And for your information, it's not the progressives who are ruining the party - it's a combination of the Blue Dogs and OFA (" Organizing For America") that are wrecking the party and turning off the base.

OFA used to be called "Obama For America", and is now a "special project" of the Democratic National Committee. It's really trying to become a permanent field operation to push the President's agenda instead of the party platform. I am sure that after this November's election, OFA won't give a damn about working with the Democratic Party, since they will once again turn into a group with only one objective: re-electing Barack Obama. I am sure they could care less about the 435 Democrats running for office in the House, and the 33 or so Dems running for office in the Senate.

You are a poor pathetic man - and you probably got that way because, at some point in time, your darkroom wasn't ventilated properly. As an RIT grad (and the scholarly texts on photography are written by RIT profs/grads, not by grads of the "Crazy" Gene Messick School of Photography), I do have some expertise in darkroom ventilation.....

....BTW, are you still banned from the Virginia Tech campus that you live across the street from? Me - I can pretty much go anywhere I want.

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